GCO Season's Greetings 2019

So, here we are at the start of a new decade and it being the second decade of the century, lets pause for a moment and look back 100 years, to the world of the Roaring 20s, to les annees folles!

A decade of huge economic growth but which ended in the Wall Street Crash. A decade of revolution: political, artistic and cultural.

If history is to repeat itself let’s all hope for the best of the 20s!

Amazing Inventions of the 1920's

The "Roaring Twenties", as the decade of 1920 is known, was one of the most optimistic and boisterous period of time for many.

The World War I had come to an end, and due to the boom in the consumer-goods industry, new products were available. The period was also a time of inventions and discoveries, and many new gadgets and appliances came into being in this decade.

The 1920s was truly a decade of inventions and technological advancement. The number of inventions made in this decade is a testimony to the effort of scientists and inventors of that era. Besides creating new products, inventors also put in consistent efforts to better the existing technology, most notable being the advancement made in the field of automobile engine. Henry Ford's Model T, launched in 1920, had made every American dream about owning a car, and this hysteria gave a fillip to the efforts of scientists involved in improving the performance of the internal combustion engine. A number of patents were registered in the 1920s, and in the year 1925, a Swedish engineer, Jonas Hesselman invented a spark-ignition engine that worked on direct gasoline injection.

Advancements were also made in the field of consumer-appliances. In 1926, John Logie Baird gave the first demonstration of televised moving images, which provided the foundation for the invention of all-electronic-television. Numerous research works were started in the 1920s, which helped in the creation of new technology in the later decades.

Besides the advancement in science and technology, the decade of 1920s is also remembered for the effect it had on the popular culture through films, art, and literature.

Inventions of the 1920's

Eskimo Pie ice cream (1920)
Inventor: Christian Nelson
Jungle Gym (1920)
Inventor: Sebastian Hinton
Radio/TV Transmission (1920)
Inventor: Ernst Alexanderson
Traffic Lights (1920)
Inventor: William Potts
Band-Aid (1920)
Inventor: Earle Dickson
Hair Dryer (1920)
Inventor: Ambiguous
Headrest (1921)
Inventor: Benjamin Katz
Lie Detector (1921)
Inventor: John A. Larson
Flow Process Chart (1921)
Inventor: Frank Gilbreth
Convertible (1922)
Inventor: Ben P. Ellerbeck
Water Skiing (1922)
Inventor: Ralph Samuelson
Circular Saw (1922)
Inventor: Raymond DeWalt
Audiometer (1922)
Inventor: Dr. Harvey Fletcher
Bulldozer (1923)
Inventors: James Cummings & J. Earl McLeod
Cotton Swabs (1923)
Inventor: Leo Gerstenzang
Instant Camera (1923)
Inventor: Samuel Shlafrock
Locking Pliers (1924)
Inventor: William Petersen
Cheeseburger (1924)
Inventor: Lionel Sternberger
Earth Inductor Compass (1924)
Inventor: Morris Titterington
Gas Chamber (1924)
Inventor: State of Nevada
Moviola - Film Editing Device (1924)
Inventor: Iwan Serrurier
Radio Altimeter (1924)
Inventor: Lloyd Espenschied
Masking Tape (1925)
Inventor: Richard Drew
Tilt-A-Whirl (1926)
Inventor: Herbert Sellner
Power Steering (1926)
Inventor: Francis W. Davis
Drive-Through (1926)
Inventor: City Center Bank
Liquid-Fueled Rocket (1926)
Inventor: Robert Hutchings Goddard
Pop-up Toaster (1926)
Inventor: Charles Perkins Strite
Jukebox (1927)
Inventor: The Automatic Music Instrument Company
Garbage Disposal (1927)
Inventor: John W. Hammes
Pressure Washer (1927)
Inventor: Frank Ofeldt
Recliner (1928)
Inventors: Edward Knabusch & Edwin Shoemaker
Ice Cube Tray (1928)
Inventor: Lloyd Groff Copeman
Bubble Gum (1928)
Inventor: Walter Diemer
Bow Tie (1928)
Inventor: Ambiguous
Electric Razor (1928)
Inventor: Jacob Schick
Negative Pressure Ventilator (1928)
Inventors: Phillip Drinker & Louis Shaw
Penicillin (1928)
Inventor: Sir Alexander Fleming
Frozen Food (1929)
Inventor: Clarence Birdseye
Tampon - Sold as Tampax (1929)
Inventor: Dr. Earle Haas
Sunglasses (1929)
Inventor: Sam Foster