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EU Export Controls & Trade Sanctions: From Compliance to Strategy

Grayston & Company is proud to be sponsoring an upcoming seminar entitled “EU Export Controls and Trade Sanctions: From Compliance to Strategy”, held by the Industrial Association of Ticinesi.

Laura Beretta and Davide Rovetta will present the EU perspective on export controls and trade sanctions, in Lugano, Switzerland, on 01 October 2015.
The seminar will be in English and the agenda is available at http://www.aiti.ch/files/2015/07/Course-EU-export-controls-and-trade-sanctions.pdf
An Interview with Laura Beretta explaining the context of the event can be found here in Italian: http://www.aiti.ch/files/2015/07/Ticino-Management-Luglio-2015-Intervista-a-Laura-Beretta-.pdf

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