Almost all goods controlled in the EU as dual use are controlled as a result of EU Regulation 428/2009.  Certain goods can also be controlled at EU level for exports to specific third countries due to EU sanctions against those countries.

It is still the case however that Member States retain rights to add goods to their own list of dual use goods for national purposes, ie these are dual use goods only for exports (directly or indirectly) from that Member State. These national powers are not often used and in most cases we would think of eg France or UK as being “the usual suspects” for adopting such measures.

Add to this list the Netherlands -  where a growing number of items have been added to the Dutch national dual use list in order to control exports to sanctioned countries -  specifically Syria. The newly controlled items are for the most part very common commercial materials with civilian end use in industry.

If you are exporting from the Netherlands or are a company with central administration in the Netherlands you should make sure that you (or your search engine) checks for these additional national rules too.