A Word of Introduction

GCO is an independent law firm specialising in all aspects of EU Regulatory law. GCO is based in Brussels Belgium, the city headquarters of the key institutions of the European Union.

Our client base is predominantly international. We often work with companies with no formal presence in Brussels or in the EU.

As our work often involves highly technical issues, we regularly work with, or create, multi-disciplinary teams of advisers.

Above all we aim to provide our clients with effective advice and counselling which responds to their specific needs, remembering all the time that our role is to develop winning strategies for our clients not merely to offer legal advice.

Laura Beretta and Davide Rovetta will highlight some of the most challenging changes introduced by the new European Union Customs Law.

The UK referendum was a political process. The process to leave the EU is, however, framed in EU law, through the notification and negotiation procedures set out in Article 50 of the EU Treaty.

The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (FTA) was published by the European Commission in February 2016 (link to agreement set out below).