WTO – Market Access

International rules-Commercial benefits-Complex litigation

The core principle of the WTO – and of the GATT – is promoting growth through liberalization and opening of national markets, unconstrained by high tariffs or protectionist measures. WTO membership is therefore contingent upon a country’s commitment to low tariff levels and market access. As such, market access is often at the heart of WTO rulings and claims for better access tend to be looked upon favourably, notwithstanding serious possible harm caused by such liberalization.

Cases regarding market access are often highly political with significant pressure from domestic producers and traders to protect trading privileges. Market access has also been a prominent issue in recent negotiations under the WTO’s plurilateral Government Procurement Agreement (GPA).

GCO has a broad range of experience in dealing with trade, market access, procurement, customs and anti-dumping disputes across a variety of countries. Therefore we are well placed to appreciate culturally and politically important factors which may affect the approach to a certain case.

Our wide expertise covers:

  • Strategic review and advice on WTO infringements
  • Creating coalitions to support WTO action
  • Advocacy before WTO Members to support action
  • Drafting Complaints and supporting briefings
  • Counselling and litigation support to WTO Members, Third Parties and to trade associations
  • EU litigation based on WTO rights.